Neighborhood is defined as follows: A group of complementary land uses; a congruous grouping of inhabitants, buildings,
or business enterprises.

The subject property is located due east of the limits of Washington DC.  Although the property is not located within the
limits, it is just outside the outer belt, which circles the city and is considered to be directly associated with Washington DC,
rather than Baltimore, located 20 miles north.  Washington DC, is on the edge of Maryland and Virginia.  

Prince George is one of four counties that surround Washington DC.  They are Charles county Maryland on the south side,
Prince George County Maryland to the East, Montgomery County Maryland to the north and Fairfax Virginia to the East.  
Fairfax Virginia is the highest income demographic and Prince George County is the lowest.  That being said, Prince
George County is still considered a good location that is showing aggressive growth over the past few years.  Prince
George County has lots of churches both small and very large.  After a large church campus built on industrially zoned
land, effectively removing any potential tax income from the site, Prince George became somewhat anti-church and will not
allow a church in several zoning types.  Consequently, the supply of churches has diminished and it has become common
for a church to buy an existing commercial property and convert it to a church.  This has driven up the value of churches in
the area.  

The subject’s immediate area is located between Pennsylvania Avenue (Route 4) and Marlboro Pike.  Although the
property has frontage on both streets, it is difficult to see from Pennsylvania Ave, which is the main traffic artery.  
Consequently, this site is not an idea retail location.  

The most notable inclusion in Prince George County is Andrew Air Force Base, which is located less than .5 mile from the
subject.  The aerial photograph clearly shows the runway where Air-Force-One lands.   Also on the horizon for the future is
a $3 billion dollar project being developed by Mr. Jackson, who was one of the candidates for Donald Trump on the
Apprentice.  This development will be an urban city center that will provide the amenities of an urban lifestyle in a suburban
location.  The project estimates it will create 32,000 jobs.  Adjacent to the Rosewood development is another mixed used
development that will be as large as rosewood, but is developed by DASC. LLC.; this development will consists mainly of
high density residential.  

In order to handle the additional traffic that is already over capacity at this interchange, Maryland’s Department of
Transportation is expanding the Pennsylvania Ave And Suitland Pky interchange just inside I-495.  The estimated cost of
this project is $73,000,000.  

Overall, Prince George County has been doing very well over the past several years and the next five years should
dramatically change the landscape at the Pennsylvania Interchange off I-495.  With the huge influx of residents and
workers from the Rosewood and Smith Home Farms Developments, along with a greatly enhanced interchange, the county
should be an ideal location for any commercial, industrial or residential development.  
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